ExperCraft Testimonials

Aircraft Builder Testimonials

ExperCraft, LLC has been helping aircraft builders from around the globe get into the air more quickly, less expensively and with fewer mistakes. Read below to find out what other aircraft builders are saying about the ExperCraft Simple Log system.

"Thanks for the light speed response. I have it all sorted now thanks. It really is a very impressive site and I am highly appreciative of what you provide."

Allan from Myanmar

"This is a nice product."

George from Griffin, GA

"The site is awesome, I can't belive that it's free! Thanks again!"

Chris from Sykesville, MD

"Rob Riggen has done an excellent job of building this site for homebuilt aircraft builders to keep their log on line. It’s easy to use and there is zero cost, unless of course you would want to make a donation to him for his efforts and expense."

Tom from Princeton, IL

"This is the best log you can use for a building project. It is easy to use and gives an accurate assessment of the project with one or two clicks of the mouse! I love it."

Ron from Debert, NS