ExperCraft Testimonials

Aircraft Builder Testimonials

ExperCraft, LLC has been helping aircraft builders from around the globe get into the air more quickly, less expensively and with fewer mistakes. Read below to find out what other aircraft builders are saying about the ExperCraft Simple Log system.

"I really like the site, it makes documenting my build really easy."

Glenn from Orange, TX

"This site is a wonderful tool and takes a lot of the work out of tracking and logging the build time and expenses."

Eric from Prairieville, LA

"Once again, thanks for doing the Expercraft thing- what a terrific resource! Having my RV project featured for a few years has generated lots of feedback and created new friendships, and apparently helped quite a few other builders."

Mark from Columbia, TN

"This is a cool program!"


"This is a nice product."

George from Griffin, GA