ExperCraft Testimonials

Aircraft Builder Testimonials

ExperCraft, LLC has been helping aircraft builders from around the globe get into the air more quickly, less expensively and with fewer mistakes. Read below to find out what other aircraft builders are saying about the ExperCraft Simple Log system.

"Thanks for the light speed response. I have it all sorted now thanks. It really is a very impressive site and I am highly appreciative of what you provide."

Allan from Vietnam

"Keeping a builder's log in a paper note book over the years has been tedious. Now that I have a digital camera, a computer with Internet connections and the ExperCraft data logging program, record keeping has become a fun task. I enjoy logging information that I can easily find and just may help other builders to not make some construction errors. Perhaps I may be able to encourage other builders also. I certainly wish I had this automated record keeping and references early on in my KR-2 construction."

Sidney from Mechanicsville, MD

"I am really enjoying the site and posting my progress. Thanks for hosting!"

Jack from St Augustine, FL

"Thanks a lot for the service. It sure is a lot easier to use than the other software I bought, which I found hard to use."

Leroy from Dane, WI

"The site is awesome, I can't belive that it's free! Thanks again!"

Chris from Sykesville, MD

"It's 100% more than I had before and very nice at that"

Bill from Bettendorf, IA

"So far, this seems like a great product. Thanks!"

David from PBG, FL

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to log and share our project at ExperCraft. Wonderful tool!"

Ron from Salisbury, MD

"I'm finding this site easy to navigate and use."

Carlos from Tolleson, AZ

"This service is more than worth $5/month, even at the basic level"

Larry from United States

"Great web site...thank you. I have started my log and I have no problem signing in and adding content."

Brian from Thunder Bay, ON

"It's a great service you are providing."

Chris from Australia

"I really do appreciate the site and am grateful that you have provided it. It makes my logging a lot easier and quicker, which leaves me more time for building."

Chris from Crown Point, IN

"I'm glad someone told me about ExperCraft; I didn't know how I was going to make a builder's log for the F.A.A. I used this site to copy each category entry and paste it in my builder's log. It's very detailed and I'm proud of the end result."

Gerry from Belleville, IL

"Thank YOU for your wonderfull initiative! I would never have made an attempt for a site without this tool."

Rene from Netherlands

"I really appreciate the log pages and wanted to say thanks. I would never of had a web page if you had not done this. I really enjoy sharing my building experience through this media."

steve from Filer, ID

"Once again, thanks for doing the Expercraft thing- what a terrific resource! Having my RV project featured for a few years has generated lots of feedback and created new friendships, and apparently helped quite a few other builders."

Mark from Columbia, TN

"I really like the site, it makes documenting my build really easy."

Glenn from Orange, TX

"I'm still using Expercraft on a daily basis to log my build and appreciate the service so much"

Guy from Albuquerque, NM

"This service is more than worth $5/month, even at the basic level"

Larry from United States

"Thanks for making this log program available. I find it very easy to use and updates are a breeze. There are several people tracking my building process and this is a great way to share my information."

Bayne from Lakeside, CA

"I appreciate the use of your program."

Paul from Lake Havasu City, AR

"Thanks so much, and thank you for offering such a great product"

John from Dixon, CA

"I had been keeeping a detailed log at home (with a different product), but being able to share it with family and friends has really gotten to be a hastle and consumes a lot of time. Using the web site, I can cover all of my bases and have a little more time for building."

Dennis from Greeley, CO

"I really like Expercraft and think it will prove a big help in following my project."

Doug from Marshalltown, IA

"I wanted a project log AND a web site but found it was taking too much of my time. I would rather spend that time working on my aircraft. Simple Log allows me to keep a detailed log on the web with minimal effort."


"I really like your system and is happy to use it for my building project."

Erlend from NORWAY

"This is the best log you can use for a building project. It is easy to use and gives an accurate assessment of the project with one or two clicks of the mouse! I love it."

Ron from Debert, NS

"Thanks again for the great site."

Michael from Ft Worth, TX

"Great site, Thank you!"

Rodney from Humboldt, SD

"Rob Riggen has done an excellent job of building this site for homebuilt aircraft builders to keep their log on line. It’s easy to use and there is zero cost, unless of course you would want to make a donation to him for his efforts and expense."

Tom from Princeton, IL

"Thank you so much. I am enjoying the site logging my project."

DANA from Acton, CA

"I've really been enjoying the expercraft log to keep track of my RV7 project."

Mark from Dickinson, TX

"Thanks for a wonderful web site. I have detailed my work on your Web site since last September. It does keep me organized and encourages me to keep working on my aircraft. It is very simple to use. "

Cliff and Mary Beth from Georgetown, TX

"This has been a good experience for me, as I have almost zip experience placing anytning on a web site."

Sam from Tucker, GA

"This site is easy to use and simple. For me, I would never have put up a web page without this. I also was struggling with my builder log. Now I have both. Simple and easy."

Eric from Waukesha, WI

"I just received my RANS S-6ES Kit and started using your services. So far it has been very easy to use. Great for edits and making entries. Adding photos is a snap."

John from Redmond, OR

"This is service is great thank you..."

Scott from Ashmore, IL

"This site is a wonderful tool and takes a lot of the work out of tracking and logging the build time and expenses."

Eric from Prairieville, LA

"Thanks again. I am very pleased with the service you offer. The product is great and you can't beat the price. Thanks for giving all of us this exceptional tool."

Sean from Colorado Springs, CO

"I looked at some of the projects underway to get a feel of what can be done. The log looks like just the thing for us builders."

John from Waco, TX

"This is a nice product."

George from Griffin, GA

"Thanks again for a REALLY Great site. Every builder/pilot I send here really like the attention to detail that you put into it."

Lee from Reisterstown, MD

"Thanks again for such a great site!"

Brian from Florissant, CO

"I think your site is awesome. It's exactly what most builders need--an efficient and organized way to log their projects and share them with the world. I pushed on the button for "print log" last night to see what would happen, and all of my log entries were right there, perfectly organized. That's amazing."

Katie from Shelbyville, TN

"THANK YOU for making [Simple Log] available and simple to use. It made the difference between having a web based construction log or not for me."

Joseph from Englewood, OH

"I am using your website as my building log for my Thatcher CX4. You are providing a great service to builders... your website meets my needs and I plan to keep on using it for my builder documentation. Thank you!"

Bill from San Antonio, TX

"Also, I just wanted to thank you again for this product..it has been a real lifesaver and has made documenting my project so incredibly easy that I am actually able to spend time building rather than publishing!"

William from Gainesville, VA

"Your log on the Internet was easy and my DAR said it was the best log he had seen."

Daryl from Elwood, UT

"I'm finding this site easy to navigate and use."

Carlos from Tolleson, AZ

"This is a cool program!"


"You are doing a great service. There are few logging options out there. (As with a product like this-there is no need for more) Great job! Excellent reference for a new builder. To see other peoples similar aircraft and reference their photos is really an asset to the newbie. "

Mark from Sauk Rapids, MN

"Rob Riggen has done an excellent job of building this site for homebuilt aircraft builders to keep their log on line. It’s easy to use and there is zero cost, unless of course you would want to make a donation to him for his efforts and expense."

Tom from Princeton, IL

"I've started my website and really like what you've done. Thanks, I look forward to documenting my project for the next couple of years."

David from Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you for all you do ..."

Dale from Summerville, SC

"This has been great! I started with a hand written log, then I made a spreadsheet log in Excel, then I stumbled on your site a couple of week ago. I just wish I had found it sooner."

Walt from Kevil, KY

"My EAA specialist suggested ExperCraft as the best method for fulfilling the FAA requirement"

THOMAS from Silver Spring, MD

"No doubt the best looking, easiest to interpret log entries were those from ExperCraft, and I recommend it to all builders."

Michael from McLean, VA