ExperCraft Testimonials

Aircraft Builder Testimonials

ExperCraft, LLC has been helping aircraft builders from around the globe get into the air more quickly, less expensively and with fewer mistakes. Read below to find out what other aircraft builders are saying about the ExperCraft Simple Log system.

"I think your site is awesome. It's exactly what most builders need--an efficient and organized way to log their projects and share them with the world. I pushed on the button for "print log" last night to see what would happen, and all of my log entries were right there, perfectly organized. That's amazing."

Katie from Shelbyville, TN

"I've started my website and really like what you've done. Thanks, I look forward to documenting my project for the next couple of years."

David from Oklahoma City, OK

"Great web site...thank you. I have started my log and I have no problem signing in and adding content."

Brian from Thunder Bay, ON

"I really appreciate the log pages and wanted to say thanks. I would never of had a web page if you had not done this. I really enjoy sharing my building experience through this media."

steve from Filer, ID

"The site is awesome, I can't belive that it's free! Thanks again!"

Chris from Sykesville, MD