ExperCraft Testimonials

Aircraft Builder Testimonials

ExperCraft, LLC has been helping aircraft builders from around the globe get into the air more quickly, less expensively and with fewer mistakes. Read below to find out what other aircraft builders are saying about the ExperCraft Simple Log system.

"This service is more than worth $5/month, even at the basic level"

Larry from United States

"I really like your system and is happy to use it for my building project."

Erlend from NORWAY

"I'm still using Expercraft on a daily basis to log my build and appreciate the service so much"

Guy from Albuquerque, NM

"Keeping a builder's log in a paper note book over the years has been tedious. Now that I have a digital camera, a computer with Internet connections and the ExperCraft data logging program, record keeping has become a fun task. I enjoy logging information that I can easily find and just may help other builders to not make some construction errors. Perhaps I may be able to encourage other builders also. I certainly wish I had this automated record keeping and references early on in my KR-2 construction."

Sidney from Mechanicsville, MD

"This is a nice product."

George from Griffin, GA