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ExperCraft was created in 2004 to help you complete and document your aircraft project. The system runs on professional-grade server equipment and is run by IT professionals.

Since being launched ExperCraft has been completely reprogrammed 3 times. The design has been updated 4 times. The servers have been upgraded 4 times. Hard drive storage space has been expanded to house the growing number of user-contributed aircraft project images.

The following aspects of creating and maintaining ExperCraft for you come at a cost:

  • Server hardware
  • Hosting fees
  • Design services
  • Development and programming
  • Database backups
  • System security
  • Upgrades
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Customer Support
  • etc...

Planning For the Future

The ExperCraft system will be around for a long time to come. We want this resource to be available to you even if your aircraft project takes 10 years to build (although we hope it won't take you that long).

There are many planned upgrades, improvements and additional services in the works. These upgrades and features will save you time and money on your aircraft project.

Please be fair when setting the price for this service. If you sign up and later ExperCraft proves itself to be more valuable than you thought, please upgrade as appropriate.

Use the buttons below to begin using ExperCraft. We thank you sincerely for your time. Good luck with your aircraft project. We are here for when you need us.

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All payments are processed securly by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account - only your credit card. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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Pay Just Once Up Front

Your dollars are important to operating, maintaining and improving the system. There is a long list of helpful features planned for the ExperCraft system. The amount you choose to contribute will go directly to getting new features in place to help you build a better aircraft, more quickly and at an overall lower cost to you.

$125 one-time fee

$100 one-time fee

$75 one-time fee

$50 one-time fee

$25 one-time fee

$15 one-time fee

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Pay on a subscription basis

A subscription helps to run ExperCraft by providing a steady source of revenue. This provide the ability to plan upgrades and feature releases on a scheduled basis. Please consider signing up on a subscription basis. Your dollars will go directly to making ExperCraft a more useful time and cost savings tool for your aircraft project.

$40 Annual (recurring)

$30 Annual (recurring)

$20 Annual (recurring)

$12 Annual (recurring)