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May 12, 2010

Fast Track Edition features announced

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Hi Builders! The ExperCraft Fast Track Edition is the top level of service that ExperCraft provides. It is not yet available but when it launches later this Spring time it will include enhancements and features designed to increase your productivity and speed you toward your first flight.

A recent poll of ExperCraft users showed that time and money are the number one factors that get in the way of your project completion. Many builders have let me know that they have saved time and even money on their projects by using ExperCraft.

I’ll be building on the concept of saving time and money by tailoring all new features and services toward that end. Watch for press releases and announcements in the coming weeks and months. Most importantly, get in those building hours and log your progress using ExperCraft!

May 6, 2010

ExperCraft users – in the news

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Our partners over at General Aviation News have been doing a series of articles about builders using the ExperCraft Simple Log system to record their project progress. These fantastic articles highlight the personal stories behind the projects and remind us that we all face similar challenges when building our aircraft.

Read about ExperCraft builders building a Bearhawk on GANews online

Read about Clem Kramer’s Zenith project at GANews online

Read about Steve Harmon’s Cozy project at GANews online

Subscribe to GANews to keep on top of this regular series of ExperCraft builders!

May 5, 2010

New Kit Partner: Lockwood Aircraft Corp

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I spoke with the president of Lockwood Aircraft today. We are going to be working together to bring ExperCraft to the builders of his fine kit airplanes. I’m looking forward to learning more about the incredible Air Cam!

This brings the number of ExperCraft partner kit companies to 11! Awesome!

Enhancements continue

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I’ve been working behind the scenes mostly. Last week was more minor bug fixing on ExperCraft after the major release. This week has been more typo fixing (thanks to my wife’s keen eye along with a couple of observant site visitors!). I’ve also been quietly finishing new features and functionality to make finding and viewing projects more accessible. Stay tuned for press releases and announcements covering those topics.