ExperCraft About Us

About Rob Riggen

Personal Info

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1970. My parents moved us to the East Coast of the United States before I was 2 years old. Yes, I'm still a little angry but have more-or-less gotten past this (just kidding!).

I now live in Northern Vermont in the US with my wonderful wife and 3 great kiddos. My day job is in Web technology consulting. I work with customers all over the world helping them apply Web technology to increase business productivity and efficiency.

Flying Stuff

I've loved aircraft and all things avitiation since I can remember. I began flying at the age of 16 at HYA airport on Cape Cod. I attended Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH from 1988 - 1990.

I am a CFII and managed a flight school in Vermont for several years. Small planes have always been my main aviation interest - I didn't follow most of my peers to the airlines.

In 2003 my wife and I decided we would build an airplane (or helicopter) together one day. We began on a tail assembly which is still "in process".

ExperCraft Simple Log

ExperCraft Simple Log was developed at the intersection of my 2 professional passions; aviation and Web technology.

Originally created as a way to document my own aircraft project it has become a bit of an obsession as I work to maximize the value to all aircraft builders. It is a productivity tool that anyone can use to help them get flying more quickly, with fewer mistakes and at an overall lower cost.

I believe that getting kit and scratch built aircraft into the air as quickly and affordably as possible benefits both the builder and the marketplace in general. Building and flying one's own aircraft is an incredible experience that is attainable by anyone of ordinary skills and financial means.

About ExperCraft, LLC's Simple Log Product

How ExperCraft Came to Be

Like many great ideas, ExperCraft was born of necessity. Aircraft builder Rob Riggen was using the Internet to research aircraft projects before deciding what type of aircraft to build. While there was a lot of information available on various Web sites it was not very easy-to-find. Once a Web site was found that had good information, there was no guarantee that the site was easy-to-navigate. Or that it would continue to be available over time.

A Project Log for One

ExperCraft was supposed to be a pet project for Rob's own, personal use. The idea was to make a Web site to document the build progress that would be simple and intuitive for visitors to use. Another important aspect was that it has to be simple to keep up-to-date, as Rob wanted to build an airplane, not maintain a Web site.

ExperCraft Works!

After a few weeks of tinkering with some Web programming (while waiting for his aircraft sub-assembly to arrive in the mail, Rob realized he was onto something with his project. Once he started building and logging he realized the value of the software he had writte.

Rob thought that without too much trouble, ExperCraft could be modified to allow other builders to track their aircraft projects with it, too.

So he went back to the drawing board and within a few month's time he was ready with a new, more robust version.

Available for The World

On November 17th, 2004 ExperCraft was opened up to the world. Since that time there has been on average more than one new user signing up each and every day.

Over time many features and enhancements were added to ExperCraft and its popularity grew to what it is today, with aircraft builders in all 50 states and more than 60 countries world wide.