Build & Fly Your Own Aircraft

Yes, you can build and fly your own aircraft! ExperCraft can help you build your aircraft more quickly, with fewer mistakes and at the lowest possible cost. The tools and information provided by ExperCraft are helping thousands of others in all 50 states and 60 countries world wide. Join our active aircraft builder community today. Click here for more info »

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Track & Organize Your Aircrat Project

A few clicks from home or work is all it takes to record your aircraft project information. Your information and photos are stored and organized for you.

Keep track of:

  • Hours worked on your aircraft project
  • Money spent on your aircraft project
  • Photos of your aircraft build progress
  • Notes about your aircraft build
  • Vendors you've purchase products & supplies from

Share Your Aircraft Project

Entertain, inspire and inform your friends, family and other builders. No matter where they are they will be able to follow your progress and support you in your aircraft building adventure.

  • Locate other aircraft builders.
  • Share tips and tricks.
  • Contribute your knowledge for the benefit of others.

Print Your Aircraft Project for Inspection or Fly-ins

Print and take your project log to fly ins. It is like having an assitant with you to answer the most common questinos about your aircraft building project. Your DAR will love the detail and ease of reviewing your experimental aircraft project for certification.

  • Print your aircraft notes, photos and expenses.
  • Present to your DAR on inspection day.
  • Make a binder to take with you to fly ins and airshows.

Aircraft builders using ExperCraft Simple Log are saying:

  • Bill from Bettendorf, IA

    5 Stars

    "It's 100% more than I had before and very nice at that"

  • Mark from Dickinson, TX

    5 Stars

    "I've really been enjoying the expercraft log to keep track of my RV7 project."

  • Chris from Sykesville, MD

    5 Stars

    "The site is awesome, I can't belive that it's free! Thanks again!"

  • Bayne from Lakeside, CA

    5 Stars

    "Thanks for making this log program available. I find it very easy to use and updates are a breeze. There are several people tracking my building process and this is a great way to share my information."

  • Paul from Lake Havasu City, AR

    5 Stars

    "I appreciate the use of your program."

System Requirements

ExperCraft tools and services are designed to be extremely easy to use for aicraft builders. Whether you are a programmer or a computer novice minimal time and effort is required - use the extra time to work on your aircraft project.

  • Works with any computer:
    Mac, Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7), Linux
  • Internet connection:
    Dial-up okay, Broadband recommended
  • Any computer skill level:
    No programming required. Logging is super easy. Web site is automatic
  • Update from anywhere:
    Update from home, work or from any Internet connected computer
  • No special software required:
    No software to install. Works in any Web browser. Upgrades are automatic
  • Digital photos:
    Upload your project photos. Any camera will do, even a cell phone camera is adequate for taking photos

Join thousands of other aircraft builders on ExperCraft

An ExperCraft membership helps you build your aircraft more quicky and with fewer mistakes. Share your aircraft building experience with others as they share information with you to help everyone achieve their first flight faster.

  • ExperCraft Simple Log helps you build your aircraft

    • Locate Other Aircraft Builders
    • Store and Organize Aircraft Project Notes
    • Record & Categorize Aircraft Build Expenses
    • Upload Aircraft Construction Photos
    • Update Aircraft Project Log From Anywhere +
    • Aircraft Project Overview Page
    • Work Hours Summary
    • Expenses Summary
    • Printable Aircraft Build Log *
    • Your Own, Custom Web Site *

    ExperCraft provides you with an easy-to-use aircraft build log via ExperCraft Simple Log. Store and organize your project notes and photos at the click of a button from any Internet connected computer (even from work!)  Learn more »

    * Not available in all versions

    + An Internet connection is required